Apply for visa + register a company in Vietnam

Patent in Laos

Question: I am USA citizen and would like to have some question as follows: What kind of visa should I apply from my country? Tourist visa or business visa? Can your law firm help me to apply or send me documents to obtain visa?   What kind of company can I register on my business […]

Vietnam business registration

Question: I am a USA national interested in setting up a small trading company based in Vietnam. My plan is to import goods from China by road and sell to customers in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. The kinds of products that I am looking at can be categorized into the following: Category A * Industrial […]

Set up a travel company in Vietnam

Question: We are foreign people and would like to ask about setting up a travel company in Vietnam. We are looking forward to your kind reply. Answer: This is reference to your conservation in which SB Law was request to give you legal advice on setting up a travel company in Vietnam Regarding your queries, please […]